Clyde Dyar is the Treasurer for the ‘Citizens for a Better Maine PAC’.  Clyde began his career in public service in 1976 as Community Development Director for the Town of Wilton, followed by Economic Development Director for Franklin County; and Economic Development Director for the North Kennebec Valley Regional Planning Commission. Subsequently, Clyde formed Meadow Brook Consulting, specializing in community and economic development.  As a consultant, he has worked for the Town of Pittsfield, and currently contracts with the Town of New Portland, the Thomas M. Teague Biotechnology Center of Maine in Fairfield, Cony Village Associates, and works with the Winthrop Regional Development Corporation.  Your donation will allow the Maine Equal Rights Center’s campaign to reach the people of our state to cast an informed vote.  Contributions can also be made by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button on the upper left and corner of the website or mailed to Citizens for a Better Maine PAC, PO Box 59 Mount Vernon, Maine 04352.

Dale Earle was a former firefighter EMT, Eastport police officer, Washington County sheriff’s deputy and retired Maine State Police trooper. He also is a pilot and provided aerial services for the Sheriff’s Office.  He has managed a construction company for more than 20 years, overseeing a large number of employees that specialize in hazardous material situations.  With this diverse experience, he has a solid background in public safety, and the management experience to successfully operate the sheriffs department.  Dale has the proven leadership abilities that have been tried and tested in many years of actual emergency situations.  Aside from Chairing the Conceal Carry campaign Dale is a candidate for Sheriff in Washington County and a strong supporter in protecting Second Amendment rights among others.  A staple of Dales campaign for Sheriff will be raising peoples awareness as to the power our Sheriffs possess which when they are within their own counties have more authority than the governor of a state or even federal law and the president which is what we need to restore our form of government which is local control by we the people.  In addition to all this Dale was elected to his local school board which lends experience necessary to speak about the need to repeal and nullify Common Core in our state.

Erick Bennett founded the Maine Equal Rights Center and designs, drafts, crafts and develops the Three Point Plans and Voter Guides.  In January 2008 Bennett began blogging and wrote, produced, edited, directed and anchored programs called ‘Policy Point’ and ‘Weekend Update with the Bennett Factor’ which were news and entertainment pieces.  They were viewed regularly by The Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Twentieth Century Fox in Los Angeles, Fox News in New York, the House of Representatives in Washington DC, US Supreme Court in DC and many others.  In July of 2009 Bennett researched HR 3200, the Affordable Health Care Act and his findings led to an IT team being assembled in Washington DC to create a new software program to mine the bill for data.  In January of 2010 candidate for governor Paul LePage called Bennett and asked him to serve as his New Media Consultant and Strategist as an independent contractor.  Bennett also filled in for Governor LePage speaking at engagements such as the Maine Successful Thinkers Networking Group in Portland.  In May of 2010 Bennett co-founded Maine Web News and wrote, produced, edited, directed and hosted ‘The Pulse of Maine with Erick Bennett’ which focused on interviews with local, state and national political and business leaders.  Maine Web News featured the Pine State Debate where Bennett debated hot button issues with candidates for governor, the Executive Director of the ACLU and politicians. The Maine Web News attracted 150 thousand unique views per month.  Bennett continued to assist candidates as a strategist and consultant.  In 2011 he was asked to run as a candidate for mayor in Portland and  in 2012 was a consultant and strategist for Patrick Calders primary campaign for the First Congressional district and also founded the Maine Equal Rights Center.  Bennett owns Bennett Consultation and Strategy which offers public relations, full service advertising and marketing and will challenge Susan Collins in a primary for the U.S. Senate in 2014.  You can contact Erick Bennett at 869 Main Street, Suite 1000 Westbrook, ME or by calling 207-776-2648 or at

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